A job page for a made up company. Allows user to submit resume and make changes after.



The Client

I made this for myself to practice python and using it to submit files to a server. This website takes a sample resume and takes you to a page to confirm or change the info before submission.

The Goal

The goal of this project was to make a website that I could submit a PDF file to and read the info.



This page is a simple fit-to-screen website. When you click on the “Apply now” button or “jobs” in the navbar takes you to the file submission page. There you can submit a resume and using PyPDF2 read the info and before submission allows the user to change info.

Upload pdf

Choose a pdf you want to submit and python checks the validity and reads the info.

Blogpost page

Auto fills in form based on info from submitted pdf. If changes are made then it changes the file accordingly.

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