I'm Hunter , a

I'm Hunter , a

Software Developer, Researcher, Mathematician

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I'm a Cryptographer based in the United States. My interest in cryptography began when I was 14, and that curiosity never stopped. Since then I have implemented many Cryptographic Principles like DES, AES, RSA, Diffie-Hellman, Elliptic Curve Cryptography, and more!

I have earned my bachelors of science in Mathematics and Computer Science, and graduated with honors. I am dedicated to furthuring cryptography, and applying my skills in math and programming to the field.

I am interested in expanding my knowledge and skills in the world of cryptography. I enjoy working outside of my comfort zone to grow and learn.

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Academic Research


I have experience with NIST Standards to implement all my ciphers like AES. Additionally I have created my own open-souce Cryptographic Library in C++ using my implementations.


As part of my continued interest and education I have researched NIST Post-Quantum finalists like McEliece. I have also contributed to open cryptography problems.


A gallery of the websites I have personally created. Check out why my clients trust me to create a website for their business and trust my web design skills.

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