Furniture WooCommerce Store

An online store



The Client

This website was built specifically for my portfolio. I made this to show my competency and experience in making a WooCommerce website to sell products.

The Goal

The goal of this website was give a simple and easy user experience for customers. We had to make sure to show off the best selling products and easily allows customers to order online.



This website has given customers an easy and simple way to see what the company is selling. Each product has its own template that can be filled out by the client so adding new products is easy and fast. Online orders are simple for the customer and client to fulfill.

Product Template

Each product has a template so all the client has to do to update, change or remove products is in the WordPress dashboard. This also gives the website a consistent look and feel.

Checkout Page

This page will take the information from the cart and show what the client has ordered. The design has made it simple for the client to enter information and have a fast checkout experience.

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