HermitCraft Design

A content/ entertainment website



The Client

As mentioned this is just a design, and if you do not know me. I make website designs for creators I enjoy in order to practice. This is one of them so this is not an official website/ design made for the the HermitCraft team.

The Goal

The goal of this website was to show off the multiple creators who make of the HermitCraft team. I strived to include what they need in a website, including map downloads section and YouTube channel links.



This website has a huge hero page that displays 3 members of the team with a way to paginate to see more. The website also has design capabilities to preview the map downloads and preview creators’ newest youtube videos.

Map preview/ download

On this page a user can easily navigate through each season of maps, and download wanted files.

Recent videos preview

Here the user will see the 6 most recent videos uploaded by creators part of the HermitCraft team.

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