OfflineTV website design

A content/ entertainment website



The Client

As mentioned this is just a design, and if you do not know me. I make website designs for creators I enjoy in order to practice. This is one of them so this is not an official website/ design made for OfflineTV.

The Goal

The goal of this website was to show the content creators involved in OfflineTV, to promote OfflineTV videos/ merch and the OfflineTV official podcast.



This page has a unique hero page and below it is a slideshow to promote the members of OfflineTV. The rest of the website is dedicated to the recent videos of OfflineTV and the OfflineTV podcast.

Recent videos

On this page we promote the latest video, and in descending order we display the rest of the videos.

Podcast page

Similarly to the videos page we promote the latest podcast episode and the rest follow in a descending order.

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