Realtor website

A realtors website



The Client

This website was built specifically for my portfolio. I made this to show my competency and experience in making great real estate websites to show listings.

The Goal

The goal of this website was give a simple and easy user experience for clients to browse the Realtors listings. It had to have an easy call to action which is to contact.



This website has given clients a easy and simple way to navigate through the realtors available listings. The website is fully custom and dynamic. The client will be able to easily add new listings using JetEngine.

Listings post template

Each listings has the same template. so every page will be coherent. This makes it easy for the client so they don't have to create a page, all they need is to input information into a form.

Listings page

This page can have as many listings as wanted. This page also has a filter side bar so the user can easily sort through and find what they are looking for.

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